We’re always happy to review any staff applications we may receive, whether it’s moderating a board, writing articles, making graphics, or anything else. If you’d like to join the Knights of Hyrule staff, just read the information below and visit this page to send an e-mail telling us how you’d like to help out. We don’t take age into consideration; we just care about your skills, your maturity, and what you have to offer our community!


zelda-avatar-twilight-princess (20) Zelda J. Raje (Zeruda) – Owner
Designing, coding, running the joint. She makes the big decisions, sets deadlines, and pretty much gets things done.
@ WWW SKYPE: PrettierThanYou


Ilu V’m Piche – Mailbag
Advertising, SEO, etc. She also runs the Knights of Hyrule mailbag.



Jamel (Sirognu) – Editor / Hyrule Historia
News editor, site relations correspondent, and Hyrule Historia translation project leader.
@ SKYPE: sirognu



Chronicler Knight
Kiore of Ordon specializes in bringing Hyrulian esthetics to daily life through their blog, Becoming Hylian. Kiore claims to be from Ordon Village, during the era of Twilight, (Although Northern California is more like it) and is an author and artist of various mediums.
Melodic Knight
LinkIRL is a musician in his own right, with a huge passion for video game music, traditional Irish music, and the Zelda series. He is currently producing concerts in the UK and the US while conducting an orchestra in Belfast.



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David Heredia Nathan Lamarche Zelda Rajé
Sarah Lamarche

Yes, we’re hiring!

So you want to join the staff and become a knight? A Knight of Hyrule?! Huzzah! Take a look at the network openings listed below!

Writing Openings

Have a knack for writing? In a writing position, you have the freedom to write what you want! You may even have your own segment! Whether it’s theorizing, making documentaries, writing reviews, or just explaining the finer details of Zelda lore and history, this type of position offers a lot of room for growth and variety. We ask that you only apply if you have a good grasp of the English language (or any other, if you wish to write articles in Spanish, French, etc.) and have decent writing skills. This means absolutely zero tolerance for “txt speech”.

Social Media Management

Want an easy job? If you’re the type who is always involved in social networks, then this is the job for you! Somebody in this position would simply keep our social pages active. This means posting to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Tumblr!…Or ALL of them! In this position, one must remember that people of all ages enjoy the Zelda games, so there mustn’t be any NSFW posts. Additionally, we ask that you be pleasant and never engage in rude or disrespectful discussions on KOH’s social networks. If you apply, it’d be helpful if you have a smartphone or tablet in order to keep up with social discussions throughout the day/week.

Multiple Knight Openings

Princess-Zelda.com is in need of a little assistance! All one has to do is post to Princess Zelda twice a week. That’s it! Images must be specific to Princess Zelda, and proper tag utilization is necessary (required: #princess zelda, #zelda | optional: #zelda fanart, #zelda cosplay, #twilight princess, etc.)<br />ZeLink.net/.org needs people to keep up with posts! If you enjoy shipping Zelda x Link and have a Tumblr account, this is for you! Simply post twice a week! Shipping wars are abundant within the Zelda fandom, so please apply only if you can accept that many people enjoy other ships. Shipping wars will not be tolerated.

YouTube Openings

If you enjoy creating and sharing videos, you might consider joining the ranks under this type of position. This includes video theories, Let’s Plays, music videos, video reviews, and so on. Of course, in order to work in this field, you must possess a decent camera and video editing skills and software. Videos created will be posted to the Knights of Hyrule YouTube channel in their own special section!



Knights may be rewarded for their work and dedication, either through payment, rewards, or anything else the webmaster decides. Please be advised that while payment may be received, it is not enough to be considered “employment”. Knights are enrolled in a points system that is affected by their dedication, performance, and term within the ranks.

Do not ask about payment in your application. You will automatically be ignored/rejected. Knights are considered for their dedication, not for their interest in fattening their Giant’s Wallet.

Knights may be assisted with necessary hardware or software for their position, though aid in the area is dependent on the Knight’s dedication to the site. Gifts are distributed throughout the year for holidays, events, and acknowledgement of hard work! Be aware that working at Knights of Hyrule is not to be considered legal employment. However, letters of recommendation for resumes can be given by the owner. If you wish to join the ranks and become a knight, contact us here!