A kindhearted demon. Though he is menacing in appearance, he displays only extremely friendly behavior toward humans.

Batreaux is a monster who resides in a secret dwelling below Skyloft. He is Kukiel‘s “special friend” the child often refers to. Batreaux wants Gratitude Crystals to become human so that he may befriend the people of Skyloft.

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Our favorite merchant from The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks returns! Ring the bell on his Airshop by shooting Deku Seeds at it.
Cawlin & Stritch
Cawlin and Stritch are Groose’ two friends. Really, they’re more like his lackeys and help him with his dirtywork. At the beginning of the game, they take Link’s Loftwing in order to prevent him from participating in the bird-riding challenge.

He usually exhibits extreme enthusiasm for merriment and fun. He owns and operates the Dodoh’s High Dive game.

(Knight Commander) Eagus
Eagus runs the Sparring Hall, an area used to practicing your skills in swordsmanship. He lends Link a training sword to aid in searching for his missing Loftwing. He has a weakness for the Lumpy Pumpkin’s famous soup and can’t start his day without it.

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Faron is a water dragon that presides over Lake Floria. This deity is a servant of the goddess, Hylia. Although it does not take on the same form as Faron in Twilight Princess, this character’s land is still connected to Faron Woods.
Fi appears from the heavens and acts as Link‘s sidekick in Skyward Sword. Though Fi has a female appearance, it is actually a genderless entity. It is the spirit of the Skyward Sword, which later becomes the Master Sword. Her voice is robotic, and she has the ability to analyze monsters and find hidden items.

Fi’s origins are unclear, and her robotic, soulless behavior further adds to the mystery. However, it is noted that the diamond-shaped gem on her chest resembles the gems both Zelda and Ghirahim have. Fi’s design also resembles the Master Sword’s design- her legs the hilt, her cape the guard, and her head the pommel.


He seems to suffer from a lack of confidence in his physical abilities. He is often troubled by his lack of physical strength relative to other boys his age.

This rosy-cheeked student is a bit of a softie. He’s not very strong, but he has a good heart. He failed to make the cut, so he had to remain in the academy while Link went on to participate in the Wing Ceremony.

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Gaebora is Zelda‘s father and the head of the knight academy, making him Link‘s superior. Little is known about him at this point, but he bears a resemblence to a certain wise old owl…
(Demon Lord) Ghirahim
Lord Ghirahim is an antagonist of Skyward Sword, most likely the main antagonist. This pale, slender man is not the typical Zelda villain- he dons a cape and dramatic makeup, has sparkling magic, and has exaggerated movements. Really, he seems more akin to Kuja or Kefka from the Final Fantasy series than Ganondorf or Vaati.
Lord Ghirahim is a member of a tribe that dwells on the surface world, and they desire Zelda‘s holy power in order to resurrect their master. In an early part of the game, Ghirahim uses great magical power to summon a tornado and demon to capture her, thus starting Link‘s quest.
Gorko, a traveling Goron, is an archaeologist whose purpose is to study the history of the land. You’re sure to see him in various places.
Groose is your typical high school rival- he’s a big, burly jock type, and his firey personality fits his design well. He is competetive with Link in many things in the Knight Academy, especially in trying to gain Zelda‘s affection.

A highly mischievous boy. He is the son of Piper, a food researcher, and is known to have an interest in insects.

(Instructor) Horwell
On the side, Horwell has a hobby of collecting plants. Link often confuses him with Instructor Owlan. Instructor Horwell has brown hair and teaches academics.
Hylia is the goddess that the Skyloftians worship. The Hylians were named after her. She has earthly servants such as Faron the Water Dragon that loyaly serve her.
Karane, a read-headed student at the academy, is a senior student and already has the priveledge of wearing the Knight Uniform. She seems to be caught in a school love triangle. She hints about her crush on Pipit, but there is a doodle saying “Karane + Caw” on the classroom chalkboard.
Loftwings are special birds that complete their masters. They are bestowed upon the humans at a young age as a symbol of the Goddess’ protection. Link’s first meeting with his loftwing was “extroardinary” as Gaebora put it- his loftwing is a rare crimson breed previously thought to have died out.
Kikwi Tribe
Elder Bucha is the chief of the Kikwi tribe, chosen as such for his immense size and bushy mustache. He will reward Link with the Slingshot and tell him about Zelda for locating the missing members of his tribe who have hidden themselves due to the rise in monster activity.
Machi is the first Kikwi Link encounters. Machi is first seen in Faron Woods, being attacked by a group of Red Bokoblins. After defeating the monsters, Link has to chase after the frightened Machi. Three more Kikwis, Ooloos Lopsa, and Erla, can be found in the area.
Mogma Tribe
Ledd is a member of the Mogma tribe. He is protective of his turf and likes to talk the talk, but he can’t quite walk the walk… er… dig? He’s on the lookout for Red Bokoblins with his buddy, Cobal. Speak to them again, and they tell you about some special rupees… In the Earth Temple, he will give Link his Bomb Bag after Link retrieves it from behind a rockslide.

Kortz (like a quartz stone) is a Mogma that will teach you about Bomb Flowers after you assure him you’re not with the “red guys”.

Merco tells you he thinks he saw your friend go into a hole he was looking at. But, he then mentions the person he saw was wearing a “blackish” getup.

Tyto, a Mogma in the mines, will give you the Digging Mitts after you clear the area of Red Bokoblins.

Nackle gives you hints and tells you that you can dig up all sorts of treasure like rupees, hearts, and Eldin Ore.

Zanc is a Mogma who witnesses a person “all dressed in black” jump a large gap between cliffs that nobody else could do. This leaves the Mogma in awe.

He is a crafty entrepreneur of the subterranean Mogma race. He runs the Thrill Digger game. A unique Mogma, he believes there is more money to be made in serving treasure hunters rather than being a treasure hunter himself.


A down-to-earth young woman. She has significant experience dealing with Loftwings, even for a resident of Skyloft.

Orielle is a romantic and a sucker for men in Knight uniforms. She wishes to play the role of the Goddess at least once. She and her brother, Parrow, share an enthusiasm for birds.

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(Instructor) Owlan
Link tends to confuse Instructor Owlan and Instructor Horwell. Owlan is the white-haired instructor that teaches practical skills.

A swordsman who is thought of as quite handsome. He was once a knight, and he is also the father of Peatrice, from Item Check. He likes to chop bamboo, and he is very protective of his daughter as he tries to keep armorous boys much like his younger self away from her.

Peater will give you various prizes for chopping bamboo in his minigame. He blames his weight problem on stress but claims that chopping bamboo is the surefire way to shedding the pounds.


She is a sweet, kindhearted person. During the day, you can store pouch items with her at the Item Check. She is currently dreaming about meeting her ideal male companion.


She is a skilled cook. She is the mother of the mischievous Gully. In addition to running the restaurant at the Bazaar, she is also a food experimenter who is always trying to find new recipes.

Pipit is the Skyloft’s resident bird expert and can provide Link with knowledge on Loftwings. He is a senior in the Knight Academy and wears the chainmail and yellow tunic as a symbol of his graduation from the Knight Academy’s previous Wing Ceremony.

A straightforward and honest young man. He exhibits remarkable skill at handling Loftwings, even for a Skyloft resident. He and his younger sister Orielle are both known for their strong affinity for Loftwings.

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?? Sheikah
This mysterious character seems to want to protect Zelda and can even be seen defending her from Ghirahim. If she truly is a Sheikah, could this mean we’ll see the mysterious race pledge their loyaly to the Hylian Royal Family as mentioned in Ocarina of Time? Keep checking back for more information on this supposed Sheikah woman.

He is a tall and quiet student at the academy. He is known for his interest in insects. He will even purchase insects if they interest him on that particular day.

The Imprisoned
Long ago, this evil creature was imprioned in the Sealed Grounds. Recently, Link’s dreams have been haunted by this creature. What is the story behind this being, and why does it want Zelda?
Like Link, Zelda lives up in Skyloft and attends boarding school. She is a close friend of Link and also a possible love interest, as it seems both Link and his school rival, Groose, compete for her attention. Zelda has a holy power which Ghirahim desires. After a tornado and demon are summoned to capture Zelda, Link and his school rival set out to save her.

Zelda is a bit jealous of Link’s close connection to his crimson loftwing.

The true form of The Imprisoned and Ghirahim’s master, Demise is the very incarnation of evil itself. He is the beginning of future villains such as the well-known Ganondorf.
  • Fi is kind of interesting because in some dialogs in gameplays "she" speaks like a robot or something, you can also watch how when in the demo link found the beetle accessory after kill the stalfos when she said "do the analysis" or something like that.