Akira HImekawa Revives Zelda Manga

Zelda Manga Lives On!

Just a few days ago, Akira Himekawa, artists of the renowned Zelda manga, announced that the series has been revived! After their seven-year hiatus, they have returned with burning ambition, much like our beloved Hero of Time himself! Akira Himekawa made a blog post on their site where they mentioned that they had been receiving questions and comments about their Zelda manga series for quite a while now, but Nintendo has always told them that they’d get the go-ahead if the demand was high enough.

It seems that demand has finally reached its necessary amount, quite possibly due to the lovely special edition short Zelda manga that was released in China for Ocarina of Time 3D’s release, and I’m sure that the absolutely stunning Skyward Sword prequel Zelda manga that was released in Hyrule Historia did wonders for Akira Himekawa’s business. After all, it did spark a lot of discussion about the events before the game, and a shirtless, tough-guy version of Link probably got the fans’ attention, too.;)

Release Date?

So far, a specific date hasn’t been given. However, the duo has announced in a recent tweet that the work is already in progess!

Considering that next year marks the Zelda series’ 30th anniversary, we may be able to expect a nice manga to accompany the release of Zelda Wii U or to celebrate the anniversary. In any case, the team is very excited to get back into the series and rekindle the relationship with their fans!

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