Midna’s Lament

She’s done it again! Violinist, youtuber, and Zelda fan Taylor Davis released her new cover of Midna’s Lament from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This iconic tune has become an extremely recognizable tune in the Zelda world, making appearances throughout the game’s soundtrack.

In this beautifully made video, we find not only a more passionate side of Taylor’s playing, seeing this song as more of a ballad than anything else. However, we still see her trademark playing abilities when she decides to take the tune and add her own flair to it after it’s been presented in it’s entirety. This one of the reasons why this Knight loves Taylor Davis’ videos and music. She is able to take a melody, and after playing through it once, she adds her take on the tune, making it her own with different accents, trills, and runs.

Further Credit

What a lot of casual listeners might miss is a name that you’ll find by scrolling down the video description, past the slew of links to websites to support Taylor’s work (we’ll get there!). Adam Gubman is the genius behind all of the arrangements that Taylor plays, and I would be remissed if I didn’t bring attention to the incredible work that he does creating the backing tracks that bring Taylor’s videos to life. The combination that these two put together is absolutely jaw-dropping.

With that being said, Taylor Davis is going on tour this fall! Be sure to check out the schedule and support her on iTunes and Patreon.


Knight of Hyrule: 

LinkIRL is a musician in his own right, with a huge passion for video game music, traditional Irish music, and the Zelda series. He is currently producing concerts in the UK and the US while conducting an orchestra in Belfast.

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    it’s sooo beautiful ^^