Snowpeak has a past shrouded in ice and mystery. How was it formed? Who conquered this land, and why has it been abandoned? Let’s think about how this location came to be by looking into Hyrule’s past!

Throughout the years, a lot of new things have been introduced through each Zelda game, from items to characters. In Twilight Princess, a new location made a brief stint and was never seen again in following Zelda games. This location is Snowpeak. Snowpeak is not a very popular topic in terms of theorization considering little information is given about it in the game. However, making connections with other Zelda games and doing some outside research, Snowpeak is much more than meets the eye.

Snowpeak is White Wolfos Territory

Snowpeak is White Wolfos Territory

Snowpeak is a snowy and frozen mountain location in Twilight Princess. It can be entered through Zora’s Domain and the base consists of a lake with ice floating in it. Visibility is very low due to an ongoing blizzard and it serves as a home to many dangerous creatures including White Wolfos. The top of the mountain consists of the Snowpeak Ruins, which we will discuss momentarily.

Now the first question that arises when theorizing about Snowpeak is where they were in previous Zelda games, specifically Ocarina of Time? Logically speaking, just because Snowpeak wasn’t accessible in the game does not mean it wasn’t there at all. In fact, I think Snowpeak was there and we just didn’t know it. Allow me to explain:

Twilight Princess' Zora Dwelling

Twilight Princess’ Zora Dwelling

Snowpeak’s Cross-game Similarities

Just like in Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time has a Zora’s Domain as well. Both lead to a lake, which in Ocarina of Time is named “Zora’s Fountain”. Zora’s Fountain leads to an icy location, aka the Ice Cavern, and starts snowing and holding chunks of ice in the lake when Link becomes an adult. The connection seems obvious. Evidently, Zora’s Fountain becomes the lake at the base of Snowpeak in Twilight Princess. Theoretically speaking, one would enter Snowpeak in Ocarina of Time through Zora’s Fountain. As the centuries progressed, Zora’s Fountain transformed into a part of Snowpeak, however, the rest of Snowpeak is not accessible in Ocarina of Time.

Now that we’ve uncovered the mystery of the location of Snowpeak, another question that comes to mind regards the Snowpeak Ruins. What exactly are they?

… I grew up in the mountains with my father…

Who built the mansion?

Who built the mansion?

Snowpeak Mansion History

There are multiple possibilities to the purpose of the Ruins. The first possibility is the most likely one. The Snowpeak Ruins could have served as a home to Ashei and her family, a member of the Resistance. In her words, Ashei “grew up in the mountains with my father, who was a knight in his own right. He taught me the arts of war as though I was his son.” However, she does at one point advise Link not to scale Snowpeak until she finds a safe way to do so, yielding the possibility that she is unfamiliar with the location.

The second possibility is that the mansion was used as a sort of military barracks or training school. Snowpeak Ruins consists of many home-like elements including a kitchen, chapel, bedroom, etc. but also includes training areas for cannons, swords, armoury displays, and other combat rooms and equipments. But would the Zoras allow Hylian soldiers to constantly march through their domain and enter Snowpeak? Well, according to Kaepora Gaebora, the Zora’s “are longtime allies of Hyrule’s Royal Family”, meaning they may allow them to do as they please within in Snowpeak. We can rule out the possibility that the Yetis built the mansion considering all of the rooms and objects in it are way too undersized, and only a few rooms are used by them.

The Snowpeak Ruins may seem to be shrouded in mystery and speculation, however, with some outside research I think the conclusions I have drawn up seem very realistic and have a fair possibility of being fact. But as always, this is only a theory, and you may believe in your own thoughts over mine.

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  • Konja K

    I think they are connected without a doubt. It just makes sense.

    my biggest question is how long was the mansion there? Maybe it was an outpost back in OOT’s time which is why it’s in ruins now. I doubt it was active during TP’s history because it’d probably be in use by humans still.

    I don’t think the Zoras really did anything there because its just too cold I would think. The ice would probably be too harsh for them.

  • Michael Nelson

    Awesome theory!! I like it!

  • Jeremy Hanson

    Also guys/gals, There are pictures of Ordon in the sitting room in which Yeta stays through out most of the dungeon! Could this be helpful in any way?

  • AJ

    There are pictures of Rutela everywhere in the mansion, too. I think it may have been something along the lines of a retreat home for the royal family a long time ago. Somewhere near to the Zoras because they’re close allies, and can meet up and converse about the land. But as Zant came along and started messing with the temperature up there, the weather got worse and worse they stopped using the mansion, and the yetis moved in.

    It being a royal getaway would explain the cannons and barracks type areas, as they would need guards there too.

    We don’t really know how long Zant was up to his antics, so it could have been frozen over for a long time.