Zeldanime has launched the first act of their motion comic short, Dead Hand. The motion comic, Dead Hand, features beautiful artwork in a sketchy style that really adds to the folklore feel of the story involving the mysterious Sheikah tribe and an ancient evil.

[pullquote]They were the Shadowfolk. The shadows of the Hylians…[/pullquote]

Zeldanime: Dead Hand Act 1

Zeldanime: Dead Hand Act 1

Dead Hand: The Story

“It is a time of peace in Hyrule. What is left of the Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters have diminished or have gone into hiding. With evil suppressed, a new light of prosperity shines over Hyrule. Princess Zelda, ruler of the Hyrule Kingdom, appoints Link, now a bounty hunter, to capture Hyrule’s most dangerous and heinous criminals.

In the town of Midoro, women are disappearing. Weeks go by without a word or a sighting of any of the victims until one night, one of them returns. The only known survivor returns scarred, with half of her face missing.

Believed that the Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters is behind the disappearances, Zelda sends Link and a band of Hyrulean Guards to investigate.

While in the swamp village, Link discovers a disturbing secret of Hyrule’s past…”

The Project

According to Zeldanime, Dead Hand was originally intended to have voice acting, but trouble with audio forced them to remove it and use dialog boxes instead. Even without any audible speech, the story is done quite well and the music can be chilling at times. Chris Liu (OniChild) & Erin Ferguson (Klassie) have developed something that really pushes the creative boundaries Zelda fans are so used to. This unique work of art combines talented story-telling and creative design to bring Zelda fans something new and unique among the countless fan-created stories and artwork.

Knight of Hyrule: 

Jamel (Sirognu) is a Lead Knight at Knights of Hyrule and leads the Hyrule Historia project. He is the self-proclaimed Hylian Playboy, a collector of Zelda memorabilia, and a shameless Zelda shipper.

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