Whenever someone thinks about theories related to Ocarina of Time, a lot of big names come up, including some of the temples. Some names which come to mind include the Shadow Temple, Forest Temple, and even the Spirit Temple. But one temple is often slipped across and not thought of… That temple is the infamous Fire Temple!


Like I usually do, I’ll begin stated some facts beforehand:
The Fire Temple is located in Death Mountain (in the crater) in northern Hyrule. It is said that it was within the Fire Temple that a sort of Goron Hero fought Volvagia, a huge fire-breathing dragon, and defeated her using the Megaton Hammer. Now this is an interesting story and all, but it does not provide much information on the temple itself. Considering the little information revealed in the game about it, the Fire Temple’s actual purpose remains under speculation. However, I think I’ve been able to draw up some evidence about it….

Plain and simply stated, the Fire Temple is some sort of Goron prison. And when I say “Goron prison” I mean a prison used to hold Gorons, or at least it used to be. Now before any of you say “Ganondorf used it to imprison the Gorons”, let me state the obvious: the Fire Temple has been there long before Ganondorf. The fact that this temple used to be a prison of any type is actually quite obvious; the cells are a dead give away!

What makes me believe that is was used to hold Gorons is one fact: the Fire Temple is inaccessible to anyone but them. Of course there’s the odd Hero of Time who comes stumbling in with a Goron Tunic every once in a while, but that’s not very relevant. Also, there’s one huge room located in the temple with giant cage-like chain walls. Quite possibly, it could have been used to hold a larger monster (Volvagia?), and the fact that there’s an elevator-like mechanism powered by a lava geyser in the cage could mean it was used to transport food to this “monster”. Lore on the history of Gorons is virtually non-existant, meaning we can theorize there could have been some civil war between them at one point of time.

Sacred Fire Temple

Fire Temple Totems

Fire Temple Totems

Now that we’ve established the history of the temple, it’s time to explain what exactly made this former prison so sacred. A Goron Hero is said to have defeated Volvagia in the Fire Temple (possibly the dragon escaped from the previously mentioned cell). This alone proves the value of the temple. But what makes it an actual “temple” could be the fact that there are “fire spirits” being worshipped in this temple (or previously worshipped considered no Gorons are found worshipping in the temple at any point of the game). These fire spirits could be represented in the totem poles and statues located in many places across the temple.

In conclusion, the Fire Temple appears to have large historical value to the Gorons which led to its conversion into a sacred place of worship dedicated to fire spirits. If my findings have not convinced you, I recommend you turn on your Ocarina of Time and give the Fire Temple a look up close. As most of my theories are, this theory is largely based on speculation and if you have any other ideas do add on to it feel free to comment.

*The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Knights of Hyrule staff as a whole.

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  • SkyruleSage

    Hmmm.. I’m not sure if I agree completely but I think you might be onto something.

    I think it was probably built for good. All the temples exist for a reason, and they all have a sage associated with it. Maybe it was built specifically for or even by one of the ancient sages and used for religious purposes.

    I definitely agree that it was used to house Volvagia but I don’t even know how or why the dragon got there. Maybe it was simply an animal that lived there and building the temple disturbed it. The chains were probably used to hold the creature at bay, but I think the cages were put there by Ganondorf when he was terrorizing the Gorons.

  • Skyloftknight

    I don’t think it was ever a prison for Gorons before Ganondorf came. Temples are built for holy purposes so it was probably always a place for the Sage of Fire.

  • Trikz

    My question is if it was used to imprison Gorons then who was behind it? Can Volvagia give commands to other monsters to tell them to feed him Gorons?

    The Gorons seem too peaceful to have a civil war. In TP they are more fierce but in OoT they are really friendly.

  • Randon Gresham

    I feel like it is a prison because at some point in the temple, you have to free a couple of Gorons from a prison like cell to access certain types of chests. (Including the big key chest)