These Zelda girls are die-hard fans, and they have the ink to prove it! Check out these featured chicks and their glorious Zelda tattoos!

The Great Keaton

Zelda Girl: The Great Keaton

Featured on Kotaku, The Great Keaton got inked with an impressive Majora’s Mask design that covers her entire back! And we thought the Water Temple was painful… The design was created by fellow Zelda fan Purrdemonium, and the ink was done at Forever Tattoo Parlor by Anston Eatin.


Zelda Girl: AppleJackiis

Jackie (AppleJackiis) is another Zelda girl who decided to ink herself with something beyond a standard Triforce. Her Zelda tattoo includes the Triforce, a rose, and a fairy (Navi?), encircled by ivy leaves and vines. How lovely!

Zelda Girl: Ninten-dope

Zelda Girl: Ninten-dope

Taryn (ninten-dope) got a tattoo of a little fairy we all know and love. Her tattoo has light shading around it to make it look like Navi is floating above her skin. Cool idea!

Zelda Girl: Bliss

Zelda Girl: Bliss

Bliss took the Hylian Symbol and fancied it up with feathered wings. It’s a creative and minimalistic take on a classic symbol!

What do you think about these Zelda girls and their fan ink? Do you have any Zelda tattoos? Would you ever get one? It’s pretty cool to see the world of Zelda make its way into our world, especially when it’s something out of the blue like hearing a Zelda ringtone or seeing somebody walk past you with a Zelda tattoo like these! For a moment, it feels like the worlds are linked!

Knight of Hyrule: 

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  1. Loach Catcher    

    The one on the top is pretty extreme. I think getting a tattoo that big and colorful and detailed takes a lot of guts, but she got a really badass design. I’m going to assume the MM is her favorite game. ;)

  2. Skyloftknight    

    I love the last one. It’s just perfect.

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