The Trinity of Truth is a topic and theory not many Zelda fans are familiar with. In fact, few fans I have spoken with have even heard of the subject. That is the purpose of this article: to give you a little bit of insight on a widely under-appreciated theory and my personal views on the subject.

Trinity of Truth The Trinity of Truth is three Sheikah-made objects, and their names might ring a bell. The Trinity consists of the Mask of Truth, Lens of Truth, and Stone of Agony. The name “Trinity of Truth” is not actually an official name, only a title given by theorists to group the three objects. Typically, there may be some preliminary questions regarding the objects. For example, “what makes you think all three objects are grouped together?” or, “what’s so special about a few rather insignificant group of items?” All (or at least most) questions will be answered in this article.

The absolute origins of these objects are unknown, but one who’s played, beaten, and investigated Ocarina of Time too many times to count begins to draw conclusions himself (or herself). Since this whole topic is very open and broad, I may have to track back to some common Hyrulean history.

Well of Three Features

Dark! Narrow! Scary!

Sheikah Lore

Kakariko Village was once a full-Sheikah village. The Sheikah were a group of “shadow people”, shrouded in mystery and secrets. There was a man who lived in Kakariko Village during this time, and his house was situated where the well is found in Ocarina of Time. It is more than likely that this man was a Sheikah as well. Fast-forwarding a bit, the well was named the Well of Three Features and was described to be “dark, narrow,” and “scary!“. The Lens of Truth is found beneath this well, implying that the man who once lived above it created the Lens. Of course there is no absolute confirmation for this speculation, but that’s the whole point of a theory, isn’t it?

Now regarding the Mask of Truth, we can imply that it had the same creator of the Lens. Why is this? Firstly, they share a very similar design; three triangles at the top and an “eye” in the middle. Secondly, they share a similar ability of knowing the unknown. The Lens allow you to see what cannot be seen and the Mask allows you to hear what cannot be heard. Oh, not to mention that both items are named “… of Truth“. But what about the Stone of Agony? The Stone is found in Kakariko Village as well and also serves the purpose of uncovering secrets. Without a doubt it was also created by a Sheikah. And which Sheikah already created two other items for the same purpose? That’s right, the man who lived over the well. You can also argue that the Stone is assembled in three pieces, but that may be pure coincidence.
[pullquote]Dark! Narrow! Scary! Well of Three Features[/pullquote]


If this doesn’t seem like enough evidence, I have more. As previously mentioned, the well was named the Well of Three Features. By now you may have realized the significance of the number 3 regarding the Trinity. The well was also described in three features: dark, narrow, and scary. Could it be that each feature has a relation to each different item? Look at it this way. “Dark” can be associated with the Lens; what you previously cannot see (just like how we cannot see in the dark) can now be seen. The Lens uncovers the secrets of the eye and vision.

“Narrow” may relate to the Stone. Narrow also holds the definition of “something being limited in extent or amount.” Thanks to the Stone, who can reveal to yourself what others cannot. When they are limited to their own abilities, the Stone reveals secrets to you others cannot find. “Scary” can be associated with the Mask. You know the old phrase, “humans are scared of the unknown”. The Gossip Stones (also created by the Sheikah) which are compatible with the Mask teach you of knowledge other cannot learn. The more you learn, the less you fear.

When all of these object are held together by the same individual, large amounts of power are possessed. Ultimately, possessing the Trinity of Truth makes you the revealer of all secrets or something of sort. The entire topic itself involves a large amount of speculation, but like I said before, that’s exactly what a theory is. There’s no fun in having all facts laid out in front of us!

*The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Knights of Hyrule staff as a whole.

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  • Karrot

    Do you think the cursed family in Kakariko Village are Sheikahs or related to Sheikahs because how did they get the stone of agony?

  • James

    My headcanon is that the Trinity was used to seal the evil in the well. There used to be a house there so I don’t know how they decided to put a well there unless the house was built around it.

    Since there are torture devices under the well maybe the bones are from victims. Perhaps the man who could see the truth had to test his creations on people and did so down there.