Hello Zelda fans and welcome to a very special edition of Hey! Listen! Today I shall be interviewing the wonderful and talented Taylor Davis, as well as giving away one physical copy of her new album “Melodies of Hyrule” to one of you guys. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Taylor Davis’ work, please watch the video down below to view her cover of “Song of Time and Song of Storms.” Any Legend of Zelda fan is going to instantly fall in love.

Song of Time and Song of Storms (Zelda Oot) Violin – Taylor Davis

Taylor was kind enough to take some time out her busy schedule to talk with me and answer some questions of mine during the week, here’s how it went:

Lloydumus: Knowing that this is a Legend of Zelda community website, I think you can obviously tell what my first question will be. What is your favorite game in the Legend of Zelda series to date, and why?
Taylor: My favorite would have to be Ocarina of Time. I really loved everything about that game! The story, the gameplay, and especially the music were all elements that make that game really special to me!

Lloydumus: Aside from your upcoming live shows, is there anything you can share with us for what projects you have planned for in the future?
Taylor: After the live shows I’m going to be working on another video game/anime cover album that I hope to release in June. I’m really excited about it because it’s going to have more anime music than any of my previous albums and since I get so many requests all the time for various anime songs, I think that my audience will really appreciate that.

After that album is released, I’m going to try and use Kickstarter to gain support for an album of original music that I will hope to complete by the end of this year. Depending on what happens with the Kickstarter for the original album, my plan for my next album after that would involve more Zelda music :)

Lloydumus: Focusing our attention on your recently released album entitled “Melodies of Hyrule,” are there any tracks on the record that you are especially proud of?
Taylor: It’s really hard to pick favorites since the original music is so incredible and it all makes me feel very nostalgic so I really love everything on the album! I worked with an amazing arranger/producer, Adam Gubman, on this entire album and I can’t say enough nice things about him!

He and I are both big gamer nerds so we had a wonderful time working on this :) If I had to choose 2 that I were particularly proud of, I’d probably go with Bolero of Fire and Gerudo Valley since those are both especially difficult to play from a technical standpoint.

Lloydumus: Could you please give us a brief insight to the amount of work that went into recording this album?
Taylor: This was a tough album to record just because of the level of difficulty in the arrangements and how fast we actually produced and recorded everything. I knew that releasing this album around the same time that “A Link Between Worlds” came out would give my album the best chance for exposure to Zelda fans, so I had planned to create a video for an arrangement of Song of Time and Song of Storms to release the same week that the new game came out.

At first I was only going to create a mini-album of maybe 7-8 songs because I didn’t think I would have time for an entire album, but once I started talking through the song selections with my friend/videographer Landon Donoho, we quickly came up with over 20 songs that I really wanted to do! I narrowed it down to 16 songs and contacted Adam about it and he was willing to rush the album with me to get it out in time. From the time Adam started on arrangements and I finished recording it was probably about a month of time, which is actually very quick compared to the normal amount of time I usually take on an album!

I’m so glad that we decided to do the entire album because I love how it turned out and it has actually become my favorite album that I’ve put out so far :) The response that I’ve gotten from Zelda fans has also been so wonderful and I’m so grateful for everyone’s support in buying the album!

Lloydumus: Finally, this question is a bit more of a personal curiosity. My two favorite pieces from the entire Legend of Zelda series are “Midna’s Lament” and “Fi’s Theme.” You’ve already created a magnificent cover of the former. Have you, or will you ever consider composing a cover of the latter?
Taylor: The amazing thing about the music in the Zelda series is that there are so many memorable themes! Because the response and support to “Melodies of Hyrule” was so overwhelmingly positive, I definitely want to work with Adam again on another full album of Zelda music. There are still far too many themes that I’d like to do that I had to cut out of this first album, so you definitely might be hearing “Fi’s Theme” in the future :)

Taylor Davis- Melodies of Life

Taylor Davis- Melodies of Life

Purchase Information

If you wish to purchase Taylor’s new album, which I highly recommend, you can do so at the following links. Please note, however, that if you do not have any preference from where you attain this album, then please purchase it either as a physical copy,digital download from her website, or from Loudr as more of the money will go towards the artist.

Melodies of Hyrule (Digital):
Taylor Davis Violin | | iTunes

Melodies of Hyrule (Physical):
Taylor Davis Violin

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Album Giveaway!

But if you’re a bit short on cash then that’s no problem too. Just simply post a comment below on what your thoughts are on the above video and you could win a free physical copy of this album. The winner will be announced on the 12th of April.

Winner Announced: Krystle Doucette. Congratulations!

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  1. Melanie Abercrombie    

    Beautiful work! This brings back so many memories of me sitting enraptured in front of the TV watching my brothers and sisters play… OoT really set me on my love for Zelda, then adventure, and then fantasy in general. I still play the Song of Storms (piano or ocarina) whenever it rains (like tonight! :D )

  2. JJ    


    I always wondered what happened to Sheik’s clothes after the Zelda transformation in Ocarina of Time. Now we know, so YAAAAAY! :D


  3. Michael Bianca    

    The music is very pretty. I am glad that more people are making zelda music in other ways I love the violin though :) Keep it up

  4. Moa    

    Absolutely love love love the video, she’s so talented! I’ve followed her YouTube for a long time and seen the videos sooo many times, it’s the first thing I show when I want to show people amazing Zelda covers. It’s amazing how much effort she puts into it, not only learning the song and putting the music and ranges together, but also dressing up and going to beautiful places. Stunning work!

  5. tingle    

    i think the video needs more tingle everyone loves tingle

  6. Michael leopard    

    Taylor rocks! She puts heart and soul into her music. Cool to see her doing interviews.

  7. Evelyn Rose    

    I;ve been a fan of Taylor Davis for quite some time now, and she is such an all-around amazing person. I really enjoyed this video of hers in particular, and how she incorporated cosplay, fantastic camerawork and beautiful locations into it. She is incredibly talented, and she inspired me to start playing violin (which I began some time after she released this video). Her arrangements are incredibly complex and extremely difficult to play, yet she still plays them masterfully. I’m looking forward to more of her music in the future! :)

  8. Krystle Doucette    

    Taylor has been such an inspiration to me and finally got me off my butt to learn the violin as I’ve always wanted to.

    Her video for Song of Time and Song of Storms is phenomenal and pulled on my heart strings. I watched it for hours straight over and over again; because it made me feel awesome and I feel like I connect with her.

    Also: Adam Gubman is a beast!

  9. Badaboom    

    I’ve been rolloeing Taylor since her beggining, but never afforded an album :( It would be so Nice!

  10. Nicole Concha    

    My thoughts? What else to say, than that Taylor’s one of my heroes, because she’s what I’ve been teached to see as a really good musician? She plays with her heart, and that’s what I admire on her, you’re the best Taylor!

  11. Jaspreet Longia    

    I could listen to this song as well as Taylor’s and Lara’s music all day, its so soothing to sit back and relax to this.

  12. Cora-lion    

    Last minute comment! I love Taylor! I hope she dresses up and does some more videos ^.^

  13. Pseudo Twili    

    Wow… That was really beautiful! This is what makes me love Zelda music.

  14. Jeff Jackson    

    Awesome keep up the good work.

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