Welcome, Zelda fans, to part 3, the final piece in which we will be discussing the magnificent track that is Midna’s Desperate Hour, or Midna’s Lament, or… …whatever. For part 3, I have decided to present to you wonderful people a few remixes/covers that you may think are a bit out of the ordinary at first, but are of very high quality, and really pronounce the amount of creativity that we possess in the Legend of Zelda community. So please come into these songs with an open mind. Here we go:

Shanzee Cover

This first track, created by SHANZEE, is a very impressive trap remix. I know what you are thinking, “How can anyone create a half-decent trap remix from a song that is as emotional as Midna’s Lament?” But, after listening to the track, I was quite amazed by how much I was enjoying it. Yes, it does delve into parts that distances itself from the original quite considerably, but that’s the whole point of a cover isn’t it?

Espea Cover

This next track is created by an artist called ESPEA. This song, likewise, is one you will have to enter with an open mind. Don’t listen to this song and expect to get the same emotional goosebumps that we all get from the original. This song is just pure fun! The beats that make you feel as if you’re getting pushed around are quite intoxicating. This is very creative and worth a (hey!) listen.

Haru Kiyomizu Cover

For the final song that will present to all of you, I wanted to get away from the electronica and show you guys something a bit closer to the original. Although, similar to the other two songs, this one is still mildly controversial and will have varied reactions.  This cover was performed by Haru Kiyomizu when she was at the young age of 12 years old. The age of which she sings this vocal cover is amazing, let alone that she sounds better than a lot of older performers that have created vocal covers. The lyrics were written by KitsunaiSW.

Again, I realize that I’m going to get mixed reactions for presenting these styles of songs, but I merely wanted to show you guys something different. Sometimes, the best covers we find will be in areas that we least expect. Please let me know what songs you loved or hated in the comments below and I will see you next week for a new song in the Legend of Zelda series that I will be presenting.

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  1. Skyloftknight    

    I really loved the first one. What is trap?

  2. A-ron    

    What is trap exactly? I really like the first song but I have never heard the term trap before.

  3. Lloydumus    

    Trap music is basically, using my own words, a dance version of hardcore hiphop or crunk. Most people know of trap music from the hit song “Harlem Shake”

  4. harukiyomizu    

    Oh my god, thank you so much, i’m very flattered and touched!

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