Hello Zelda fans and welcome back to part two of my three-part mini-series about one of the greatest pieces from the Legend of Zelda franchise, Midna’s Desperate Hour. Regardless of which song from the Legend of Zelda series you are listening to, it always feels right to hear it be played on the ocarina. Thereby, please enjoy this cover of Midna’s Desperate Hour that I am presenting you with this week.

DocJazz Cover

To those of you who follow any musicians who play the ocarina, you’ve probably already heard of David Erick Ramos. His cover of Midna’s Desperate Hour is truly beautiful, almost a perfect transposal from the original piano piece to his version that accompanies the ocarina. It just truly feels as if it belongs. Not only does he excel with including the ocarina in the song, but his execution towards the instrument is magnificent. As a fellow ocarina player, I understand how difficult this song can be to play. It can be tough to correct the breathing technique to switch between the two different chambers in the ocarina, and takes a lot of practice and skill to perfect. As a whole, this song is an amazing creation and a real inspiration to ocarina players everywhere.

Also, I would like to mention that I will be creating video tutorials on how to play the ocarina in the next following weeks through the Knights of Hyrule YouTube page. So if you are interested in learning the instrument, please get your hands on an ocarina and I will do my best in teaching all of you. If you need any assistance in what type/style ocarina you should get, or if you have any requests for what song(s) you wish to tackle first, whatever enquiry comes that comes to mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter as I would be more than happy to help.

Please come back next week as I will present another cover based on Midna’s Desperate Hour in my third and final part!

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Lloydumus is a Knight-in-Training and contributor to the Hey! Listen! music segment. He enjoys creating and editing videos and playing the ocarina like a true Hylian!

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  1. Klarithis (@Klarithis)    

    I really like this cover :) I’ve been a fan of this guy for a while. He’s really talented! I’m getting an ocarina soon from Songbird.

    1. Lloydumus    

      great to hear that you’re getting an ocarina :) Could I please recommend getting a 12 hole tenor ocarina as it’s fairly cheap, sounds great, and you can play a wide range of songs with it. I would also like to recommend getting it from STL ocarinas instead of songbird. I’m not endorsed or affiliated with STL in any way but in my opinion they are of higher quality. This goes for anyone who is looking to purchase an ocarina

  2. Dean Vrablic (@DeanVrablic)    

    maybe its just my opinion but the ocarina makes the song sound kind of eerie. in a good way though.

  3. HyruleGuy    

    This is my favorite Zelda song! I was really disappointed by the lack of ocarina tones in TP and I wish they would’ve made something like this for the actual game instead of the stupid reed or wolf howl.

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