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Are You Thankful for Zelda?

Are You Thankful for Zelda?

The Knights are thankful for The Legend of Zelda as we enjoy our roast Ganon this Thanksgiving! Are you thankful for the series, Zelda fans? Has Zelda changed or affected your life in any way? A few of us Knights wanted to give thanks this year, so we have put together a few tidbits telling you just why we are so thankful for Zelda. Click on the three tabs below to read our mini-stories, and tell us if you are as thankful as we are!

…we all feel overloaded with nostalgia and love for the franchise…”

The Legend of Zelda has obviously made a huge impact on my life, and of the countless reasons why I’m thankful for falling in love with such a franchise, one reason stands above the rest and I’m sure it’s a reason that most, if not all Zelda fans are extremely thankful for as well: the memories.

Most games of this generation are designed for casual gamers. Fun, yet simple gameplay that appeals to a large audience. Although these types of games can be very fun to play at the moment, the lasting effect isn’t that great, which explains why they have a new game in the series come out every year or so. And eventually when these games stop being produced, they are never heard of anymore. Sooner or later a new game series of the same genre will replace it. Zelda games do not fall in this category. Besides the in-depth story, exceptional gameplay, and amazing music each game consists of, something else is carried with you when it’s finally time to put the game down. It’s the memories.

I first started playing Zelda when I was 7 years old. My father bought me used copy of Ocarina of Time for my Nintendo 64 on my birthday, and I was ecstatic. I could not put the game down! However, right now almost 11 years later, I don’t really remember much of my gameplay experiences. Sure I remember how frustrating the Water Temple was, how annoying Navi could be, how freaky the graveyard in Kakariko Village was, but if I haven’t kept replaying the game over the years I probably would have forgotten much of the gameplay elements. But every once in a while when I decide to replay Ocarina of Time again and I hear that opening theme, memories rush back. Not memories of the gameplay, but of emotions. Happiness, excitement, fear, nervousness… I could go on forever. Memories of playing Twilight Princess to escape reality for a few hours when going through a tough time in real life. Memories of playing Wind Waker with long lost friends you wish you were still in touch with. Memories of playing Link to the Past when you were still a kid when the word “stress” or “sadness” didn’t have a meaning. These are the memories Zelda creates for us. They may be different for each of us, but when we decide to replay Link’s Awakening or Skyward Sword for the first time in ages or hear the Gerudo Valley theme in a random YouTube video, I think it’s a safe bet in saying that we all feel overloaded with nostalgia and love for the franchise, something that most modern casual games may never achieve. This is why I am personally thankful for the Legend of Zelda.”

Kaze, Knight Chronicler

I am thankful for Twilight Princess, and I say that as a Zelda fan who almost wishes the game wasn’t a part of the series. Despite my dislike of Twilight Princess, I’m thankful for the game’s constant reminder- our friends and our family are everything.

I am a caucasian guy adopted by an African American family. Over the years, dealing with the issue of “fitting in” has been hard to deal with at times. From the start of Twilight Princess, I felt like I might understand Link’s situation, being a Hylian among Ordonians with family that wasn’t his real family. Sure, I felt the love between myself and my family, but I always saw myself as that Hylian who was close to, but still out side of, the Ordonian people.

Over the course of the story, Link rescues his friends and “family”, and the bonds between them are proven to be strong and loving. It was Twilight Princess in particular that helped me overcome my adoption troubles and really show me that my perception of being an outsider was just in my head. My family sees me as another family member, and at the end of the day, I really do belong with them, just as Link returned to Ordon at the end of his journey. I accepted that you don’t have to be blood to be family.

-Sirognu, Lead Knight

I wouldn’t call myself “gifted” in any subject, but over the years I have acquired a wide variety of skills, no doubt due to the legendary Zelda series piquing my interest in different areas. When I first hear Malon’s chiptuned singing in Ocarina of Time, it made me want to sing as well. I took up the art, and while I need much practice, I can say I have acquired that skill. The beautiful and varied art styles of the series inspired me to become both a traditional and digital artist, and most recently I have been inspired to become a real archer!

But more than skills, Zelda has opened up many doors for me and given me opportunities that I never would have had if I never picked up the series. I work on a Zelda site with other fans who love the series like I do. I have learned to design and code, and that has lead me down a career path with even more great opportunities to follow. I could never dream of being able to afford a college education, but thanks to Zelda, I don’t even need one.

So this Thanksgiving, while I am truly thankful for my friends and family, I want to acknowledge the Zelda series and the hardworking staff at Nintendo. Without the love and dedication that comes from such a great team, we’d never have this inspiring, opportunity-giving series that has helped so many fans over the years. I hope that other fans who have been as greatly affected by the series as I have are thankful for the gifts they’ve been given!

-Ilu, Lead Knight

Knight of Hyrule: 

Jamel (Sirognu) is a Lead Knight at Knights of Hyrule and leads the Hyrule Historia project. He is the self-proclaimed Hylian Playboy, a collector of Zelda memorabilia, and a shameless Zelda shipper.

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Brandt - 28. Nov, 2013 - Reply

Hey I really like your stories. I’m really thankful for Zelda cause it gave me a lot of fun times with my family. Happy thanksgiving even though I’m not from the US!

Klarithis - 29. Nov, 2013 - Reply

Happy TG! I had so much cucco and Ganon lol! I am super thankful for Zelda because it gave me a lot of great friends in the community. :D